Lamda Specialized Impedance Analyzer

Lamda is a specialized Impedance Analyzer for impedance and conductivity measurements. It boosts high accuracy and very wide impedance and frequency range. 

Broad Impedance and Frequency ranges

In it’s highest configurations, Lamda can measure Impedances from 10 mΩ to 250 TΩ and can measure frequencies from 1 μHz to 100 MHz. While other impedance analyzers offered by us can measure using up to 50 cm before passive sample cell connection, Lamda doubles the cable length using a specialized calibration technique and a very special input card while maintaining the possibility to measure using shorter cables or no cables at all. It can also measure down to a very low capacitance values highly accurately using the 1 meter BNC cable which makes it a specialized analyzer and one of its kind worldwide.

Lamda Specialized Impedance Analyzer

Lamda key facts

Compact, desktop single channel impedance analyzer(stackable to more channels)
2, 3 and 4 software selectable electrode configurations(using 100cm BNC cable up to 100Mhz)

In it’s highest configurations:
Frequency range: 1 µHz…100MHz
Impedance range: 10 mΩ – 250 TΩ
Capacitance range: 1 fF – 1 F
Inductance range: 100 nH – 100 H
Base Precision ≤ 0.1 %
Lowest measurable phase angle: 0.003°
Voltage up to ±1.5 V(full AC + DC Bias range)
PC-based measurement control (Eymea).
Simple connection through GPIB, High Speed USB, Ethernet or RS-485.
Interfaces Instructions and libraries for full instrument control from Java, C etc.