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Performance Demonstrations of Lamda

In the figures below, we present measurement outcomes obtained through the Lamda specialized Impedance Analyzer with FR-EX3, Enhanced Limitation and HI-PR extended options, All measurements are done with 100cm BNC Cables between sample holder and analyzer. Sampling time 0.5s or 1 Cycle.

Lamda – short circuit calibration standard – measured impedance < 10mΩ in Basic Range

Lamda – open BNC connector – measured capacity is around 1fF in Basic Range

Lamda – maximum measurable impedance limits

Lamda – 100pF calibration standard – measured Tan δ < 1e-4 in Basic Range – Correctly compensated in high frequency

Lamda – 1nF Polyester Capacitor – undercompensated with an inductance of a wire in series

Lamda – 330µH inductor – the model calculates to about 15pF of parallel capacitance inline

Lamda – 10pF multi-layer ceramic capacitor – Correctly compensated in high frequency range

Lamda – 0.6pF (2 parallel 1.2pF) multi-layer ceramic capacitor

Lamda – 15fF capacitance of a connector – while measurement was done in an environment that cannot be easily reproducible, it still shows the impressive performance and the overall capabilities of the analyzer

Lamda – impedance and capacity of a plastic SMD parts holder which caused problematic results – tops out to about a 10TΩ resistor at 100mHz – Causes problems with capacitance values/loss factor for very small valued capacitors(≤1pf) at relatively not so low frequencies and higher capacitor values at much lower frequencies

Lamda – Resistor Capacitor network (1.2pF + [100kΩ || 11pF] + [1GΩ || 51pF])