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A liquid nitrogen temperature Controller

Eynocs is starting development on Kryovulkan: a liquid nitrogen temperature Controller to keep the SUT at a precise < -150°C for the needed control of any sample. It is a premium, ready-to-use temperature control solution designed for materials research applications. Compatible with all Eynocs sample cells, it facilitates dielectric, impedance, and conductivity spectroscopy with unparalleled quality.

Kryovulkan is engineered to precisely set or incrementally adjust the temperature of the sample under examination with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Its modular design allows seamless integration with any Eymea Supported dielectric or impedance spectrometer. It is being developed for effortless, secure, and fully automated operation, facilitating computer-controlled experiments that can run continuously for several days without the need for supervision, particularly advantageous for low-frequency measurements. This configuration enables rapid, accurate, and secure operation, essential for automated systems. In the event of sensor malfunction or depletion of the liquid nitrogen Dewar, the system will autonomously initiate shutdown procedures to safeguard both itself and the sample.

Kryovulkancontroller features five control and measure loops dedicated to managing and measuring the gas temperature, the temperature of the liquid nitrogen within the Dewar, the Dewar pressure, the vacuum pressure measurement of the gas lines and lastly the temperature of the sample.

More Information will follow as the development continues and milestones has been achieved.

Key Features:

  • Temperature range from −160 °C to 400 °C
  • Exceptional temperature stability of 0.01 °C
  • Temperature ramps adjustable from 0.01 °C/min to 20 °C/min
  • Minimal temperature overshooting after setpoint adjustment, typically < 0.5 °C
  • Rapid stabilization times to achieve 0.1 °C stability
  • Incorporates a vacuum-isolated cryostat and nitrogen line
  • Controller adjusts parameters automatically adapt through self-tuning
  • Low nitrogen consumption, typically < 0.8 l/hr at temperatures above −100 °C
  • Equipped with a five control and measure loops featuring a 24-bit ADC and different communication ports